Closing in on 5 months…

In about a week I will be at the 5 month mark. Considering how quickly the months have gone by I am pretty pleased that it is has gone by this fast, so quickly. The way I measure it is this:

I have Christmas in less than 3 weeks. Then Bowl Season. NFL Playoffs. Super Bowl. College Football Signing Day (Yes this is a momentous day for me).  College Basketball gets serious again. March Madness. And I am hope for RnR. By the time I get back I will be into the double digits of time left. Having completed over 270 days in theater at that point would be a huge accomplishment.

I started another masters class this week and will start another at the end of the month. And when I get back in April, I will start another course. By the time I am done with this deployment I should have completed my masters degree! Checked that block.

 Regarding the Ag’s. I am really excited to see that this team has done so well after starting out the season so poorly. It has been a terrific season for the Ag’s and hopefully will result in a Cotton Bowl over the Swamp Kitties. It’s not talked about but A&M and L$U have an old rivalry which goes back to 1899. We have played 50 games over the previous years but havent played since 95.  Considering we are playing in the 75th Anniversary of the Cotton Bowl it just increase the history around this current team.


One response to “Closing in on 5 months…

  1. yes, note the name change!! a newlywed at my tender young age!!!
    great photos, hope they will all be in an album once your service is over…if it’s ever over, the Barretts seem to stay in for quite a while!! thank you for that by the way!!! my grandmother attended your dads graduation with eda from the academy, they were so, so proud!! as a matter of fact there is still a framed photo of them at the ceremony at the house in sinton…

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