On Patrol…

I couldnt get this picture in yesterday, but here was a decent picture that was taken of me when I was on patrol.


2 responses to “On Patrol…

  1. Hey Johnnie– these pictures are great. I LOVE those little donkeys, and the picture of the two little boys riding around without any bridle is priceless. The donkeys actually look pretty healthy, clean and well cared for. We had one that was that small and no one ever dreamed they could ride him. Except Michael (Hasken) tried once and ended up pretty promptly on the ground.
    As far as the patrol, etc., are concerned, I have to admit that I will rest easier when that part is behind you!
    Has news reached the Kush yet that UL Mens soccer is #1 seed in Div 1 NCAA tournament? I am sure you are following it as closely as whatever is going on with those Aggies.
    Your cousin Ellie is giving up on Oklahoma (seen the light??) and is transferring to University of Kentucky at semester’s end. So we can start cheering for those Texas teams again.
    xxx, and keep your head down.

  2. Grace and Dick Doyle

    Dear Johnny, The pictures are amazing. You do such a good job. Why didn’t you sleep on a cot? Is there anyway you can get football games? AM vs Nebraska was a classic. Nebraska coach is jerk of the year. We were so proud that AM won. After the game there wasn’t a inch of turf that someone was standing on celebrating! Think this might be the year AM does UT in. We are having an awful year. Warm here for November. Have AC on. Joan and your Mom have sent precious pictures of baby Jack. He is the image of you when you were that age. Know Joan is counting the hours until they are with her for thanksgiving. We are going to invade your parents. Leaving today and Patti, children and a friend will join us. Thanks for being there for all of us. We miss you and send much love, Grace and Dick

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