Massive Picture Update

These are a bunch of pictures I have taken over the last month. The ones starting with sleeping bags and ending with the shot out the back of the Chinhook were all of my trip to Darzab. The rest are pictures around camp over the last 60 days. Enjoy!
Looking out across the Camp

 This is the view from a spot on camp looking south towards the mountains. The area in the background towards the right hand side of the picture is where the last Mounted Charge of Modern Warfare took place…for now.

Major James Christie and I at German Re-Unification Day

James and I work together in RSC-N and we had this picture taken last month at Camp Marmal.

These were our sleeping arrangements in Darzab. I did not sleep on a cot. Im the guy in the green sleeping bag ;-).
This was a standard morning Darzab. The Germans had an instant tea mix which felt good with the boiling water we had and then fresh naan along with german marmalade. Not a bad deal. There are Swedes, Germans, and Americans in this picture.
We saw a lot of this all around the area. These were two boys who herded sheep.

I noticed some donkey’s that were being used for transport and paid some kids $10 to borrow them for a few hours.  This was so we could get the boss to ride them to an OP that was about 300M above our COP.
VICTORY(Sort of)! Col Calbos was kind of to have his picture taken but he wanted no business riding the donkey up the mountain. And frankly I dont think the donkey did either!
The below picture is from the OP above Darzab.
The above picture is more of the view.
The below picture was our going away dinner that we paid for in Darzab. Naan, Rice with Lamb, and shiskabobs with lamb. A good warm meal after 3 days of MRE’s.
Four days of dirt, no shaving, austere conditions and patrols. Good times!
Flying out of Meimana on our way back home

Briefing General McGuinness


I briefed BG McGuinness last week on what the FSD does.
And here is a standard meeting. We all look thrilled. And yes I am texting.
Office Meeting


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  1. awesome pics. thanks for sending them and glad you’re safe.

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